Distribution Policy

Data usage agreement

1. The scope of this agreement is the data distributed by this system.

2. The copyright of China's Ocean Satellite data is owned by the Ministry of Natural Resources, and users must indicate the source of the data when publications are produced.

3. Users should keep data products safe to avoid random spread. Users can not use the data they acquire directly for external distribution or use it as part of a database, data or service for external use.

4. NSAOS will regularly tracking survey the use of the data. Users are obliged to assist in the investigation and provide the data usage.

5. Users should comply with relevant national regulations when using and keeping data. If the violations or illegal activities happens when using the data, the user will bear the relevant responsibilities.

6. Users have an obligation to keep data confidential and can supervise the data application. If unreasonable use of data is found, users should inform the NSOAS in      time.

7. The user's accounts are only for personal use, please do not lend out.

8. This agreement is interpreted by NSOAS.

National Satellite Ocean   Application Service